Welcome to the BCATA

The BCATA is a group of Art educators working to create exciting Art education opportunities and connections for art teachers across the province. We are a diverse group of people from different parts of BC that care about providing resources, professional development, advocacy and networking for our Art teachers community.

This non-profit organization is run by volunteers committed to support children and art education through advocacy, publication of teaching resources and the organization of professional development experiences. 

We welcome new Art teachers to become members of the BCATA. 

BCATA Awards

Art Education Excellence

Eileen Ryan

2023 BCATA Arts Educator of the Year Award

Nicole Porter

2023 BCATA / CEA Affiliate Award

Marie-France Bérard

2023 NAEA State/Provincial Affiliate Award

Dr. Bob Dalton

2023 BCATA Lifetime Achievement

Excellence in Arts Education

Dr. William (Bill) Zuk

2023 BCATA Lifetime Achievement

Excellence in Arts Education


The BCATA is a PSA (provincial specialist association) of
the B.C. Teachers’ Federation consisting of a network
of K-12 and Post-Secondary Art educators
in Canada sharing ideas and information.