Letter from the BCATA President

My fellow art teachers,

We are in the midst of difficult times. As educators we have faced lock downs, a sudden pivot to online learning, then partial online learning and the quarter system and then most recently a return to a “new normal”. Using enormous heart, determination and ingenuity, we have found ways to provide meaningful art opportunities for our students. Even more importantly, we have worked to provide a safe and welcoming space to learn. In times like these, art is all the more important in our lives.

Art does not provide answers. Art provides perspectives, asks questions. Art seeks to better understand. As art educators we know that the process is as significant as the product. Why we do things is just as important as how and what we make. At a time of uncertainty, we provide opportunities to reflect, to express and to process complexity in a way that other disciplines cannot. Students have found solace and release in their art practices. Students have found
personal connection and joy in creating. We encourage students to develop an idea, problem solve and find their own unique visual voice. In the middle of a pandemic, we provide moments of inspiration and imagination. What we do matters more than ever.

What we in the BCATA have asked ourselves this year is what can we do to support you? We have always provided a high quality journal, newsletter, calendar and professional development opportunities and we will continue to do so. In the coming days we hope to work on making even better connections in communication with our members through our online forums and finding innovative ways to safely provide more opportunities for members to meet, learn and connect with others in the province. We think connection and community with others will serve as the best support when our lives have recently been marked so sharply by separation.

Thank you for everything you do. We are lucky to have such amazing art educators in this province.

Nicole Porter
President of the BCATA