I currently teach Visual Arts and Photography in the Surrey School District for the past 12 years. I serve as the Department Head of the Fine and Performing Art Department at Clayton Heights Secondary School. I enjoy curriculum development, creating professional development opportunities and helping students find their artistic voice. My personal art practice focuses on alternative forms of photography, solargraphy and hacked technologies for image making. http://memmott.carbonmade.com

Why you view membership in the BCATA as important:
I first joined the BCATA to “find my tribe”. I was looking for a group of people of like mind and shared experiences to connect with. I found much more! I found a community of artists, art educators, and researchers who value community, quality arts education, and are open to challenge others and be challenged to provide the best Arts education to the students of BC. Being a member of the BCATA will give you professional development opportunities, curricular resources, advocacy support, and most of all a place to belong.


1st Vice President & District Rep, North Vancouver

I teach K-12 visual art in North Vancouver and currently my studio practice is combining a variety of printmaking, drawing and collage techniques. http://www.coroflot.com/daylenluchsinger/portfolio

Why you view membership in the BCATA as important:
I joined the BCATA to help develop professional development and collegial networking. I love seeing all the amazing art created in classrooms around the province and find it leads to new inspiration for my teaching practice.


BCATA Recording Secretary

I am always willing to partner in learning that will highlight student artifacts to build confidence.

Why you view membership in the BCATA as important:
Participating in a PSA provides opportunities for sharing the work of learners in provincial/national venues/formats, and adds value to my learning with a broad network of professional co-learners, extending my perspective.

sandrine han

UBC Vancouver Representative

I am an artist, researcher, and educator. My research interests are in the fields of art education, technology, semiotics, visual culture, cognitive psychology, visual communication, and visual literacy.

Why you view membership in the BCATA as important:
BCATA provides the latest information regarding to BC curriculum. BCATA provides great teaching resources for all teachers. BCATA is the best place to connect BC art teachers. With BCATA membership, you won’t feel alone in the art classroom. BCATA is here for you.


Editor, Visually Speaking

Past positions: Membership, President, Past President, Treasurer, Webmaster, Conference Co-Chair
I teach art at Westsyde Secondary in Kamloops, which is also the high school I attended. Although I work mainly in acrylic in my own studio practice, my work is defined more by the element of colour than it is by a particular medium or genre.

Why membership in the BCATA is important:
I value membership in the BCATA because it connects me to inspiring visual arts educators around the province. I’ve been hooked every since I attended my first BCATA conference.